Wednesday, March 6, 2013

4 blogs that you didn’t know you needed in your life (but you kinda do which is why I’m letting you know)

they are weird great

  • bandsinsuits - various band members dressed in SUITS you want to see this on your dash probably
  • outofcontextarthur - Arthur was like a lot of people’s favorite show when they were younger because it’s been on for like a million years and there are talking animals who don’t seem to realize they are all different species??? and this blog has all these things out of context that are so funny wow just look ok you’ll see what I mean
  • notesfromaneighbor - author Maureen Johnson chronicles her misadventures with her maniac neighbor who has been leaving her mean notes 5ever— not updated often and the less it’s updated the better for Maureen gosh
  • shitmystudentswrite - teacher’s submit crazy things their students write I believe, anyway read it you’ll see why you should follow it probably


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